Local news in Brief : Costa Mesa : Officer Nearly Struck, Then Overtakes Suspect


A Costa Mesa police officer who was nearly run down by man driving a four-wheel-drive pickup truck late Saturday afternoon on the Costa Mesa Freeway later caught and arrested a suspect.

Motorcycle Officer Marty Carver was off his bike near the shoulder of the freeway’s southbound lanes about 5 p.m. when he saw a rust-colored, late-model Toyota truck barreling down the shoulder.

Carver was trying to waive over the truck for the moving violation of driving on the shoulder when the vehicle aimed directly at him, according to police spokesman Allen Kent.


The truck missed Carver by a few feet, then sped off down the freeway. Carver, unhurt, got on his motorcycle and chased the truck.

Robert Paul Bishop, 34, of Costa Mesa was arrested less than a mile farther down the freeway, where he was caught in the late-afternoon traffic. Bishop, who did not resist arrest, was held on suspicion of assault against an officer with a deadly weapon.