GHOSTBUSTERS SEQUEL: The red-hot Bobby Brown, coming...

GHOSTBUSTERS SEQUEL: The red-hot Bobby Brown, coming off three straight Top 5 hits, is set to cut the title song for "Ghostbusters II," due this summer. Ray Parker Jr. had a No. 1 hit with the theme to the original "Ghostbusters" in 1984. Brown headlines the Forum on Friday and the San Diego Sports Arena on Saturday. . . . And Gladys Knight is slated to sing the title track to the new James Bond film, "Licensed to Kill." . . . An upcoming boxed career retrospective by the Bee Gees will include one new track, "Wish You Were Here." The song is dedicated to the trio's brother Andy, who died last year at age 30. . . . Alice Cooper is getting some high-powered assistance on his upcoming album for Epic Records: Jon Bon Jovi sings background vocals on "Trash," Aerosmith's Steven Tyler duets on "Only My Heart Talkin' " and Aerosmith's Joe Perry plays guitar on "House of Fire." All of this should please Alexei Brezhnev, grandson of late Soviet president Leonid Brezhnev. Asked recently by Rolling Stone magazine to name his favorite rock groups, Alexei cited the Beatles, the Stones and . . . Alice Cooper.

Bonnie Raitt's new "Thing Called Love" video features a cameo appearance by pal Dennis Quaid, who--as Raitt coyly put it--plays "the love interest." . . . Sparks mainstays Ron and Russell Mael are at work on a movie musical, teamed with "Beetlejuice" co-screenwriter Larry Wilson. The film is based on "Mai the Psychic Girl," a Japanese comic book series. . . . Hearing that John Cougar Mellencamp's upcoming album is titled "Big Daddy," the wags at Rhino Records decided that when Big Daddy (a Rhino band that rearranges '80s hits into '50s-style music) releases its new album they would name it . . . "John Cougar Mellencamp."

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