NATION : House Panel OKs $49.75 Million in Humanitarian Aid for Contras

From Times staff and wire service reports

The House Foreign Affairs Committee, acting on bipartisan accords on Central America, today approved a $49.75-million humanitarian aid package for the Nicaraguan rebels.

Committee Chairman Dante B. Fascell (D-Fla.) said an attempt was being made to bring the bill, approved 32 to 6, before the full House for a vote Thursday.

The bill, which would fund the Contras through February, 1990, does not require the demobilization of the estimated 12,000-strong Contra army. But Secretary of State James A. Baker III has pledged that the aid will be withheld from any Contra forces involved in offensive military actions, said Rep. David E. Bonior (D-Mich.), who helped draft the legislation.