Paying Taxes and the IRS


I have never complained about paying my federal income taxes. I need to think about it only a little to realize that they represent one of the biggest bargains anywhere. I believe there are countless millions worldwide who would just love to be in my tax-paying shoes while living in this great country. There are also millions already in this country who would love to have enough income on which to pay taxes. Taxes are the lifeblood of a country--the dues we pay to live in this marvelous land.

Sure, I resent where some of my tax monies are spent. The unnecessarily large amount going to war materials is one example.

I have but one reservation--fairness. I want to know that others are paying their fair share too.


This brings me to President Bush. His tax law preferences for the rich are already well known. Also known is his, as well as the Reagan Administration’s, reluctance to provide the IRS with enough means to maintain and improve compliance with tax laws.

In the heat of his presidential campaign he even seemed to ridicule the IRS in public. This was unbelievable! A high degree of tax compliance is a must, lest we become just another third-rate country where tax cheating is too widespread to be dealt with.

The President should strengthen, not weaken, the ability of the IRS to gather lawful taxes, effectively and fairly.