Highlights of Today’s AFI/LA Film Festival


Following are capsule reviews of today’s screenings in the American Film Institute Los Angeles International Film Festival at the Cineplex Odeon Century Plaza Cinemas:

‘Warm Summer Rain’

United States, 1989, 103 minutes 8:45 p.m . Hot summer hooey. Steamy sex and creamy psychobabble go hand in hand in this well-shot but woefully pretentious directorial debut from Joe Grayton (screenwriter of “Uncommon Valor,” of all things). Beautiful, suicidal misfit Kelly Lynch and on-the-lam, tux-adorned Barry Tubb (of “Top Gun”) shack up and share deep secrets in an abandoned desert house, though these in-every-way-naked lovers never do exchange names. Grayton’s script is 80 percent laughable, but, amazingly, Lynch turns in a phenomenally strong, emotionally truthful performance in spite of it.