Animal Mutilations Under Investigation

Police in Covina are investigating the recent mutilation deaths of animals that may be the work of devil-worshipers.

“Frankly, we were surprised by this. It’s all new to us, " Sgt. Chuck Rosales said. “We are a quiet, bedroom community.”

The first complaints of mutilated carcasses, accompanied by Satan-related graffiti, were received about seven weeks ago, Rosales said. Since then, about a dozen animals--cats and rabbits--have been found with eyes gouged out, legs cut off, and hearts and other organs removed. One cat was found crucified upside down under symbols written with the cat’s blood.

The animals--none of whom appeared to be pets--have been found at an abandoned elementary school on Cienega Avenue and near a storm drain in Wingate Park, in the 800 block of North Glendora Avenue, police said.


Pentagrams--five-sided stars associated with devil worship--and the number “666"--used by devil worshipers to connote the Antichrist--have been found near the carcasses, either burned into the ground or scrawled on walls.

Police have questioned three high school students who admitted to being devil worshipers, but said they are not responsible for the mutilations, Rosales said.

“It does seem to be centered around teen-agers,” the sergeant said.