Fun Times and Bargain Prices: Memories of Flying With PSA

Here are two more memories of the good old days of flying between Los Angeles and San Francisco ("The High-Flying Times Are Now a Thing of the Past," by Robert A. Jones, Part I, April 18).

- I have an advertisement from the mid-1960s for PSA showing the full-price one-way fare LAX-SFO at $11.50 on a Lockheed Electra prop jet. For flyers in a hurry, the fare was $13.50 on a Boeing 727.

- In the spring of 1969, when the airline had been flying for only two years, Air California ran a promotional offer called "the $25,000 weekend unlimited." On Saturdays and Sundays during the months of March and April, a person could fly anywhere on the airline (only six cities at that time) as often as desired. My friend Ed Steiner and I, both still in high school, flew over 8,000 miles on two separate weekends for a total of $50 per person!

At about two-thirds of a penny per mile on Boeing 737s, it's unlikely we will ever see the cost of flights that cheap again.


Buena Park

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