Fun Times and Bargain Prices: Memories of Flying With PSA

Recently, in a jammed jet way of a crowded airport moving slowly into what would be a packed airplane, a comic began bleating like a sheep. Others soon followed suit. They were reflecting their frustration of just being animals en route to a pen. I was reminded of this while reading Jones' column on the condition of California intrastate air travel.

I am required to fly on a near weekly basis from Los Angeles to Sacramento and the Bay area. It now costs approximately $4 a minute for a round trip to Sacramento ($306) unless you schedule a week or more in advance and elect to stay over a Saturday night. As the air carriers know those are impossible conditions for most of us to meet.

In a three-year period we have had over a 100% air-fare increase. What have we gotten for this? Fewer carriers, fewer and more crowded flights, higher costs, poorer service and fewer smiles (yea for PSA).

The situation is going from just tolerable to deplorable. It is time the paying, traveling public stopped acting like a flock of sheep. We are not being fairly served.


Woodland Hills

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