Archbishop Mahony's Letter and Abortion Issue

There have been a great many articles and letters concerning the abortion issue, however, I believe most are missing the point. It seems to me that the real issue is one of old-fashioned responsibility for one's actions which everyone wants to evade. It is also an issue of courage and duty.

Certainly, a woman should have the courage to say no to sex. (I am deliberately not debating incest or rape here.) Once she says yes, then she has to accept the responsibilities of her action (as must her partner) and if she becomes pregnant, then her God-given duty is to nurture that child to maturity.

At the moment of conception she loses what rights she may have had in favor of the unborn child, and even the so-called "point of viability" of a fetus has nothing to do with it. Of course, she does not have the right to terminate the life of the child in ordinary circumstances.

Please, ladies, don't try to shift your responsibilities onto other people.



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