Archbishop Mahony's Letter and Abortion Issue

How ironic that on the same day Mahony writes to criticize your editorial supporting abortion there is an article on the Op-Ed Page entitled "Infant Mortality: A National Disgrace." The column, by Sen. Bill Bradley, states, "More than 40,000 American babies die every year, most of them needlessly . . . (due to) poverty, ignorance and neglect."

Where is Archbishop Mahony? Where is the Catholic Church? Where are the anti-abortion "pro-life" marchers who want to see Roe vs. Wade overturned?

Where is their conscience when it comes to protecting those who have been born and either die within the first few months due to "poverty, ignorance and neglect," or go on to become abused or discarded as a result of "poverty, ignorance and neglect?" I'd like to see them put an end to the needless slaughter (physically and mentally) of the born.

And while they're at it, why don't they adopt a child who is considered unadoptable? A child who is no longer an infant, a child who is handicapped, a child who is in an institution because no one has loved him/her enough to keep him/her from becoming a problem child or a criminal.


West Hollywood

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