Cold Front to Briefly Mar Otherwise Nice Weekend

Times Staff Writer

Plenty of sunshine and pleasant temperatures are forecast for today, but the pattern is expected to break early Sunday when a weak cold front is scheduled to make a brief appearance.

With the front will come clouds and cooler temperatures.

The skies are expected to be clear after early-morning low clouds burn off.

"It shouldn't be a bad weekend," National Weather Service forecaster Wilbur Shigehara said. "The rain will not reach us. It's not a strong storm."

The weather front, from north of the Hawaiian Islands, has brought rain to Northern California but is expected to cause nothing more than a light drizzle along the coast. A high-pressure system will sap most of the storm's strength before it reaches Southern California.

In any case, Shigehara expects skies to be clear again Sunday afternoon.

The beaches should be a bit cool this weekend, with highs from 64 to 68 degrees today, 62 to 66 Sunday. Daytime temperatures in the coastal strip will reach 67 to 72 today, 65 to 70 Sunday. Nightly lows will dip to the low- to mid-50s this weekend.

Inland areas will remain warm and sunny, with a possible high of 80 degrees today, Shigehara said. Some afternoon sunshine is expected Sunday, along with highs of 68 to 75. Tonight's lows should drop to 48 to 52.

The mountains and deserts will have plenty of sunshine today. On Sunday, though, the clouds are due to move in and the winds might hit 25 m.p.h.

Mountain highs will be 55 to 60 degrees today, 50 to 55 Sunday, Shigehara said. Lows from 40 to 50 are expected tonight.

The deserts are expected to reach the high 80s today, falling to 80 to 85 degrees Sunday. Overnight lows will be in the mid-50s this weekend.

The surf will be 2 feet; the ocean temperature is 61 degrees.

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