Films now going into production: ...

<i> Compiled by David Pecchia </i>

Films now going into production: Down the Drain (Ronnie Hadar). Shooting in L.A. Comedy starring Andrew Stevens as a brilliant lawyer who can get anybody acquitted in any case. Trouble arrives when he gets involved in an elaborate bank robbery that jeopardizes national security. Producer Ronnie Hadar. Director Robert Hughes. Screenwriter Moshe Hadar. Also stars Teri Copley, John Matuszak, Joseph Campanella, Stella Stevens and Jerry Mathers.

Madhouse (Orion). Shooting in Arizona. TV stars John Larroquette and Kirstie Alley head this comedy that follows their headaches as friends and relatives invade the serenity they once called home. Producer Leslie Dixon. Director/screenwriter Tom Ropelewski.

Paranoia (New Horizons). Shooting in Southern California. Bill Pullman, Bill Paxton and Bud Cort star in this psychological thriller illustrating the travails of a neurologist (Pullman) who becomes paranoid following inadvertent self-inflicted brain damage. Producer Julie Corman. Director Adam Simon. Screenwriter Charles Beaumont. Distributor Concorde.


Say Bye Bye (Eyefilm/Pardew). Shooting in Los Angeles. Black comedy starring the oft scantily clad Linnea Quigley (she thrilled ‘em in “Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers”) as a make-up girl in a mortuary that undergoes a change in management. Executive producer Rick Eye. Producer Bob Myers. Director Mark Byers. Screenwriter Tim Mineas. Also stars K. C. Winkler, Yvonne Craig, Gary Owens and Teri Weigel.

A Shock to the System (Corsair). Shooting in New York and Connecticut. Michael Caine stars in this thriller adapted from Simon Brett’s novel. Caine portrays an ambitious advertising executive who becomes murderous when passed over for a promotion he had been expecting for ages. Executive producer Leslie Morgan. Producer Patrick McCormick. Director Jan Egleson. Screenwriter Andrew Klavan. October release.

Untitled Thom Eberhardt Project (Disney). Shooting in Los Angeles. Matthew Modine and Daphne Zuniga star as med students in this “Paper Chase” style comedy from the director of “Without a Clue.” Producers Howard Rosenman and Debra Hill. Screenwriters Mark Spragge and Ron Nyswaner. Distributor Buena Vista.