Norwalk : Caltrans Agrees to Redesign Freeway Off-Ramp System

California Department of Transportation officials have agreed to reconsider the design of new off-ramps from the Century Freeway and the San Gabriel River (605) Freeway to reduce future traffic on Norwalk streets.

The Norwalk City Council last week called on Caltrans to stop construction on the portion of the Century Freeway that is in the city until the off-ramp system is redesigned. The council also directed its city attorney to look into whether the city could obtain a court order, if necessary, to stop construction of the freeway. The off-ramps will feed a planned park-and-ride lot in Norwalk, at the eastern end of the Century Freeway.

Under the current design, motorists coming off the freeways to the park-and-ride lot will have to use busy city streets. Norwalk officials want the traffic patterns changed to place motorists closer to the lot.

City officials met in Sacramento last Thursday with state Sen. Cecil N. Green (D-Norwalk) and Caltrans officials to reach a compromise. City and Caltrans officials met again the next day.

Caltrans did not agree to stop construction of the freeway, said Daniel E. Keen, Norwalk's director of urban planning. But City Manager Richard R. Powers said Caltrans has promised to give the city a progress report on a new off-ramp design on May 19, and a definite plan on June 2.

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