Navy Gives Ex-Raider McCallum OK to Play for Chargers in 1989 Season

Early this spring, Lt.(j.g.) Napoleon McCallum was publicly predicting that the Navy would allow him to play professional football for the San Diego Chargers in 1989.

They Navy confirmed Wednesday morning that McCallum has been assigned to San Diego, effective immediately. The Navy also said it has approved McCallum's request for outside employment--playing running back with the Chargers.

McCallum, who hasn't played a down in the National Football League in two seasons, could be in a Charger uniform as early as today at the club's spring mini-camp because he is on leave.

McCallum graduated from the Naval Academy in 1986 and played in 15 games for the Los Angeles Raiders--rushing for 536 yards and catching 13 passes. Then the Navy shipped send him to sea, and he missed the 1987 and 1988 seasons. His commitment with the Navy ends Jan. 1, 1991, but the sea duty portion of that commitment is over.

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