Swayze Flexes Box-Office Muscle

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Patrick Swayze fans who turned out to see their favorite hunk as a bar bouncer gave “Road House” a respectable opening. During its first weekend in release, the MGM/UA film grossed nearly $6 million at 1,927 theaters, a per-screen average of $3,092. And the Richard Pryor-Gene Wilder comedy, “See No Evil, Hear No Evil,” continued to enjoy strong business in its second week, grossing $6.1 million at 1,680 theaters, or $3,634 per screen. But both movies are likely to take a beating when Paramount’s “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” opens Wednesday.

* Fox’s teen comedy, “How I Got Into College,” easily qualified as a bomb, grossing only $651,850 at 743 theaters. Meanwhile, New Century Vista’s horror picture, “Fright Night Part II,” enjoyed fairly good business at 148 theaters, where it grossed $3,704 per screen.


Weekend Gross/ Screens/ Weeks Movie (Studio) Total (millions) Average in Release 1."See No Evil, Hear No Evil” $6.1 1,680 2 (Tri-Star) $15.6 $3,634 2."Road House” $6.0 1,927 1 (MGM/UA) $6.0 $3,092 3."Field of Dreams” $5.0 1,052 5 (Universal) $23.3 $4,830 4."K-9" $3.3 1,695 4 (Universal) $26.6 $1,935 5."Pet Sematary” $2.6 1,585 5 (Paramount) $42.7 $1,642 *"How I Got Into College” $.652 743 1 (Fox) $.652 $877