Social Security

Stephen Walton's views are correct ("Social Security Costs to Workers," letter, June 6).

I am self-employed, and this year will be 58. My wife will be 60. The lobbyists for us do a disservice to other working people and taxpayers in petitioning for more and more benefits for all the elderly, regardless of need.

During retirement I believe we are entitled to repayment of the Social Security contributions we made and which were made on our behalf plus earnings. No more. No less. In the event of our deaths prior to becoming eligible, these funds belong in our estate.

We feel obliged to pay taxes to help less fortunate people who lack individual Social Security account funds, personal resources, and family support.

Like Walton, I object to paying taxes to help comfortable people be more comfortable.

Congress should restore and enhance the IRA deduction. Further--we should not vote for congressmen and senators who boast: "I never voted against an increase in Social Security benefits."


Palm Springs

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