Bauer's Remarks

I'm writing my displeasure about the remarks made by Steven Bauer. He echoes a sentiment that DEA agents should get diplomatic immunity to do their job in Mexico. The very fact that U.S. law enforcement agents are openly working in Mexico is an extremely sensitive and unconventional binational arrangement between both countries. It's evident that Bauer's racist contempt and ignorance about Mexico prevents him from grasping this concept.

The article also quotes producer Michael Mann's fears for his life if he were to shoot the miniseries in Mexico. They are fitting remarks from the executive producer of "Miami Vice," a series showing Latinos primarily as drug dealers and continuing the slanderous stereotype of the greaser-bandido-cholo that has plagued American popular culture.

I'm not sure who is at greater fault for the remarks in the article, the makers of "Desperados" (who are trying to grab publicity), or The Times for so uncritically relating their comments. The lack of editorial judgment seems surprising since The Times recently has made honest and intelligent efforts to deal with the issues regarding Spanish language media in the United States and binational approaches to solving binational problems.


San Diego

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