We Called It Puppy Love, but Fans Say We'll Never Know . . .

When my friends and I read your article about New Kids on the Block ("New Kids on the Block Give Fans Some Puppy Love Thrills" by Chris Willman, Calendar, June 6), we were very upset and decided to write to you and tell you our views and our opinions on the article.

First, let us tell you why we like the group. Maybe it's just because they can sing; or maybe it's because their songs are not "mindless dance ditties" but good, clean songs we can sing to; or maybe it's just the simple fact that New Kids on the Block is and will always be the best thing that ever happened to our generation!

Now you're probably thinking we are just dizzy, daydreaming, screaming girls. We have been on the honor roll repeatedly and have been in the gifted program for several years, so obviously we're not stupid. You seem to think we only go to their concerts to see them. We go for their music as well. Although we admit they are gorgeous!

When that little girl came on stage toward the end of the concert, we were sure that there were many jealous people in the audience. We were not, however, jealous to the extent that the child would become "dead meat"!

We would like to address the supposed "blackness" in the sound of the group. All of our friends agree that the New Kids sound is very far from black. We know that their music attracts many ethnic groups, including a few black people.

Just because someone (Donnie) wears a beret, peace symbols and has an "itsy-bitsy" ponytail does not classify him as "the Bohemian of the group."

When these five special guys get up on stage and give an outstanding performance, we're entitled to scream. We're sure other generations screamed when Elvis was on stage.

We think you feel that they are just wimpy little teen-agers that got an offer they couldn't refuse by being discovered. We think they are doing well because they are musically gifted guys, not because they got lucky. They sing songs that make sense, unlike other groups that sing about how to be a devil worshiper.

If you would listen to them when they are talking, you would know when they are only joking (like when Donnie said they should make "Hangin' Tough" the new national anthem. Thanks, but he wasn't really expecting everyone to jump and change the anthem).

If you feel offended in any way by this letter, we're sorry, but we are only defending our favorite group. We hope this all goes to prove that the New Kids on the Block are not exactly what you think they are.



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