Dannemeyer Suggests White House Policy Encourages Homosexuality

Times Staff Writer

In a strongly worded letter to President Bush, Rep. William E. Dannemeyer (R-Fullerton) suggests that homosexuals in the Administration have tilted White House policy away from “traditional family values” to promote the “homosexual movement.”

Reacting to reports here that a Washington male prostitution ring catered to clients high in the Administration, Dannemeyer called on Bush to sign an executive order banning federal employees from directly or indirectly encouraging homosexuality, as well as bisexuality, bestiality and pedophilia.

“The public might ask how two consecutive, conservative Administrations can do more to advance the influence of the homosexual movement in public policy than an overtly sympathetic Administration might have,” Dannemeyer said in the letter sent to the White House on Thursday.


‘Answer May Turn Up’

He added: “One answer may turn up in the current investigations (of the alleged male prostitution ring). This would explain much.”

The Washington Times reported Thursday that federal authorities are investigating a ring of male prostitutes whose clients allegedly included a number of Reagan and Bush Administration officials. Paul R. Balach, political personnel liaison to the White House for Labor Secretary Elizabeth Hanford Dole, resigned Thursday, citing public disclosure of “activities concerning my personal life” by the Washington Times.

In addition, Dannemeyer told the President that Bush’s announced support for a so-called “hate crimes” bill, which would require the Justice Department to annually catalogue crimes linked to the victim’s race, religion, ethnic group or sexual preference, “is a subtle affirmation of homosexuality.” The legislation was approved by the House this week and now must be considered by the Senate.

“This bill is a precursor to amending the 1964 Civil Rights Act to include sexual orientation along with race, religion, creed and national origin,” Dannemeyer wrote.

The White House had no immediate reaction.

However, the response from the nation’s oldest homosexual rights group was swift.

“This letter is so extreme in tone that I can only extend to Mr. Dannemeyer my gratitude,” said Thomas B. Stoddard, executive director of the New York-based Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund.

“This letter will greatly enhance our fund-raising efforts and demonstrates more concretely than any other document I have ever seen that gay people are still the object of irrational hatred in this country.”


Limit Free Speech Right

Stoddard said his organization believes that an executive order such as the one suggested by Dannemeyer would be found to unconstitutionally limit the right to free speech.

In an interview Friday, Dannemeyer said of Stoddard’s remarks: “I think the question we should ask the Stoddards of this world is very simple. ‘Am I supposed to apologize for affirming the heterosexual ethic that is the foundation of our society?’ ”