Remembering the Phenomenon Called Woodstock

It was the swan-song concert of the '60s. A gathering where baby boomers realized they shared a dream for a kinder, gentler world. Nothing seemed impossible for this Woodstock Generation.

Now, 20 years later, the commercial guns will assault our sensibilities and reduce our '60s collective consciousness to T-shirts, underwear, air freshener and other tourist-trap fare.

Yes, nothing seems impossible: The spirit and myth of Woodstock's "3 Days of Peace & Music" could conceivably be an attraction at one of Disney's theme parks.

With due respect to Joni Mitchel, a new reprise and verse for her song "Woodstock":

We have gold lust / We've forgotten / And we seem to have lost / Our way to the garden

By the time they exploit Woodstock / Banks will be 'bout / Half a billion $trong / And the Earth is sad / Crying tears of a generation



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