'Take No Prisoners' War With Developers

Score one great big victory for the bad guys! It's amazing how fixing that innocent 25,000-truckload mistake (Oakmont View development, Glendale Section, June 22) just happens to provide access to 91 acres of land owned by the people who made the mistake. I understand that the alternative solution is not attractive, but I am very disappointed with the decision of the council to allow the cut as opposed to trucking in the fill.

Developers will use every means available to control new land and to build as many buildings as possible on the land that they acquire. They will flatten Glendale's hills like a pool table without a second thought whenever they have an opportunity. It is their business and it means millions of dollars to them. As land becomes more difficult to obtain, we can expect their methods to become even more drastic and less ethical.

If we in Glendale hope to keep any of our hills and mountains, we need to understand that we are in an unending and "take no prisoners" war with the developers. If our elected officials can't or won't stop them, it is just a matter of time before the hills are gone forever.



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