Nixon on U.S. China Policy

Your special report on the tragic events in China was heart-rending ("The Shattered Dream: China/1989," June 25), but I hope that your readers gave careful attention to the remarks by former President Nixon.

Equally curious, at least in my view, was the absence of any editorial or Op-Ed coverage (noting) this day in history: On June 25, 1950, the North Korean Army launched a surprise attack that initiated that Korean action, whatever you would like to call it. To those on the ground, it sure seemed like a war.

While it's fine for us to have a memorial, the real memorial is a strong, vibrant Korean society. Its politics may be flawed, but it is in sharp contrast to the events on the mainland of China or the mess that was left in Vietnam.

Perhaps you are saving coverage of the Korean "action" for the 40th anniversary next June. For my part I trust that I'll be able to revisit Korea, go to the "truce line" and make some appropriate gesture to the North Korean communists, who are no less cruel and brutal than their Chinese, Vietnamese and Russian brothers.

Peace, freedom and democracy are easy words to throw out, but must be defended by blood, sweat and tears when necessary.


San Diego

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