Roxana Zal, who played an incest victim...

Roxana Zal, who played an incest victim in "Something About Amelia," will portray a teen-age prostitute in "My Daughter of the Streets," a TV movie that ABC plans to broadcast next season. John Stamos co-stars as her pimp and Jane Alexander will portray her mother, who is determined to get her off the streets. Alexander and Zal previously played mother and daughter in "Testament."

Paul Winfield, who was nominated for an Oscar for his performance in "Sounder," will be a regular on NBC's "227" comedy series next season. He'll play the new landlord of the building in which Mary Jenkins (Marla Gibbs) and her family and friends live.

This is the final week of broadcast for the game show "Now You See It." CBS plans to replace it next week with "Wheel of Fortune," which is moving over from NBC. CBS promises that Vanna White will continue "gracefully turning the letters during the game as she has since 1982."

Tom Peters, co-author of "In Search of Excellence," will host an hourlong public TV program in August that pays tribute to well-managed organizations in the public sector. Those being saluted on "Excellence in the Public Sector" will be the National Theatre Workshop of the Handicapped in New York City, the Naval Aviation Depot in Alameda, Calif., the Ochoco National Forest in Oregon, the Department of Juvenile Justice in New York City and the city of Phoenix, Ariz.

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