Freedom Is Obtainable, but the Price Is High

Defending the right of immigrants to settle in the San Gabriel Valley, Barkley Lee wrote in a letter to the editor (Times, June 22): "Wouldn't most people in the world want to live in a free country?" saying we should "embrace everyone into the American mainstream."

Lee is wrong for assuming that freedom can only be found in America. Democracy is not a rare plant that can only grow in the U.S.A.; it could grow in China, but freedom is not free. It is a tree whose roots must be nurtured by the blood of patriots.

Americans died during our War of Independence with England, but other patriots didn't give up, and we won our independence.

Why do Chinese patriots give up so easily?

England faced certain defeat by the Nazis in the Battle of Britain, but, refusing to give up, Winston Churchill spoke for all patriots, no matter what their country, when he said that even if the Nazis won, "We will fight in the streets. We will fight in the hills; we shall never give up."

England lost some battles, but won the war.

Chinese patriots should follow his advice. If they want democracy, they should stay in China and fight for it.

Nothing, not even tanks and machine guns, are as effective in war as an idea whose time has come. If it is time for democracy in China--I think it is--then now's the time for the Chinese people to take it--if that is what they really want.


Monterey Park

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