Many Homeless by Choice

Charles Grant Craig (Glendale Section Letters, July 6) takes Ginger Bremberg to task for her comments on the homeless. I missed the article. However, his quotation of her remarks makes it difficult for me to see his point or argue with her.

As to the point about the homeless not being there by choice, well, Charles my friend, you need some "non-pathetic enlightenment." Certainly there are some who are victims of circumstance. However, he needs to look at the makeup of the 600,000 (not the media/liberal-hyped million or million and a half). U.S. News & World Report (March 20) reported that 33% to 38% are alcoholics, 13% to 25% are drug users and 21% to 24% have served prison time or have a felony conviction. Daily News Digest, Phoenix.

Those who are mentally ill used to be cared for by the state but someone decided we shouldn't be "warehousing" them and depriving them of their freedom.

There is a problem; the answers are difficult, but recognize that many are there by choice.



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