Absentee Owners, Neglected Homes

A sad change is rapidly spreading throughout my hometown of Arcadia, a "City of Homes."

I'm not referring to the ostentatious, overbuilt, $1 million-plus houses that have been popping up here like giant, gaudy mushrooms, but to the increasing number of vacant, uncared-for homes that have evidently been bought for speculation by absentee owners.

Some of these are obviously cared for: plants watered, lawns mowed and papers picked up. Many others are left to decay, month after month, while papers pile up, lawns and even trees die, and waist-high weeds take over otherwise withered yards. These eyesores can be found on street after street, looking worse and worse as the months pass and the weeds grow.

Is our city alone with this blight? Why aren't these absentee owners made to tidy up . . . and keep up?

Seems we've gone from being a gracious "City of Homes" to a growing "Ghetto of Vacant Houses."



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