Controversy Over Supreme Court's Abortion Decision

To all the pro-choice feminists and their followers: Please stop hiding behind those masks of concerned groups for the poor and needy women to legalize abortion. Besides, babies don't kill their mothers on the abortion tables, it is the mother and her supporters who kill the baby. We can't close our eyes and ears to individual responsibility. This responsibility does not depend on taxpayers' money but only on the active consciousness of each individual: women and men alike.

The poor and needy women, as well as the aborted babies, are only scapegoats, an excuse for our hardened hearts and very rational minds. If we truly want to protect our individual rights, then let's stop depending on the government's money and let's start doing something by our own free choice, like teaching our children at home about love and respect for human life, for one another and, especially, for our own bodies, minds and hearts. Only when we give that love and respect to ourselves can we expect the same from the others.

May God help us all in this battle for innocent lives.



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