Condos for 'Affluent'

Regarding the article by David W. Myers "New Downtown Apartments Aimed at Affluent" (June 25), foes of this complex have missed an important point of having such apartments in the city: to begin to alleviate the horrendous commutes and gridlocked freeways that Los Angeles has become famous for.

The reference to "affluent yuppies" is such a tired cliched, and pointless when you consider that $1,500 per month is standard for anyone (not just yuppies) to pay for rent in most of Los Angeles. Considering the cost of a mortgage these days, it doesn't even seem "upscale," it seems average.

For people who need to work downtown or who like the urban life style, such apartments and condos will be a welcome relief from life styles of the outlying areas. Perhaps a greater variety of places to eat and shop will be drawn to the downtown area and L.A.'s heart will become a fun place to live and work, equal to towns like Boston and San Francisco.

In addition, whether we like it or not, L.A. will continue to attract record numbers of new citizens from colder climes, and they're willing to commute downtown from Palmdale, if that's what it takes to live here. Do we want them on our freeways, or do we provide affordable housing for them that's closer than an hour and a half on the freeway?



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