Gardening : A Sun-Lit Lighthouse

Here's a handy device that will enable gardeners to start healthy seedlings in a sunny window of their homes. It's called the lighthouse and it's new from Park Seed. It consists of an aluminized cardboard box with a slanting adjustable roof. The device catches, focuses and evenly distributes sunlight to your plants in pony packs or other seed-starting containers placed inside the Lighthouse.

As the solar light is evenly dispersed, young plants don't have to lean to get adequate sunlight. This results in straight, stocky seedlings. The Lighthouse is 8 inches deep, 12 inches wide and 8 inches tall. Two Lighthouses will fit into a standard window.

The Lighthouse is available from Park Seed Co., Cokesbury Road, Greenwood, S.C. 29647. The price is two for $9.95, plus a $1.50 handling charge. Note that the price does not include the seed-starting containers. You will have to provide your own or order them separately.

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