The plant person’s guide to the best holiday gifts

Lead art for 2020 gift guide lists
(Jillian Goeler / For The Times)

Gardeners and plant people are fun to shop for, because the options are so wide. You can go practical with tools (since gardeners can never have enough equipment), choose from any number of clothes or books or just get fanciful with cool decorations.

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New Made L.A. desk planter

Desk Planter from NewMade LA.
(NewMade LA)

This wire-formed desk planter from New Made L.A. comes in powder coated red, yellow or white, and is designed to hold a 4-inch planter or vase. Measures 4.75 inches by 4.75 inches by 8.25 inches tall.

$38 | 👉 Purchase here


Plasticana Gardana Clog

Gardana Clog from Plasticana.
(Salter House)

These 100% recyclable shoes are manufactured in France from hemp plastic. These comfy Clogs feature an easy to slip on and off form that is ideal for gardening, cooking and pretty much anything else. The unique color comes from the sugars present in hemp.

$62 | 👉 Purchase here

@latimesplants Small Book of Plants zine

Cover of The Times' plant zine
(Los Angeles Times)

If you’re a fan of houseplants and the L.A. Times, this limited-run zine is a must. Made by our creative design team, this zine features some of best tips and advice from L.A. Times Plants, as well as plant comics, memes and more fun. If you really love zines, make sure to check out our three-pack, which includes this zine plus a guide to Griffith Park and a zine featuring fundamental cooking techniques from our food team.

$10 | 👉 Purchase here


Brass plant hanger by Angie Johnson

Round Metal Modern Hanging Planter from Norwegian Wood
(Norwegian Wood Online)

Handmade in Los Angeles by artist Angie Johnson, the minimal brass hanging planter for Norwegian Wood is a simple, midcentury modern-inspired accessory for the plant lover in your life. The holder hangs from 37-inch-long natural cotton rope with a synthetic core (to reduce stretching out over time).

$69 (terra cotta pot and plant not included) | 👉 Purchase here

Jen Kuroki’s ceramic planters

Arches ceramic planters from jeneok.
(Jen Kuroki)

Colorful Arches ceramic planters by Jen Kuroki, who works out of her backyard studio in Los Angeles.

$78 to $84 | 👉 Purchase here

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FastGrowingTrees Monstera in a pot

Monstera in a pot from

The Monstera plant (nicknamed Swiss cheese plant because of the holes in its leaves) is a safe and distinctive choice for people who love plants but feel like they can’t take care of one. The low maintenance plant ships from South Carolina and is available in a beige or brown Delilah pot.

$39.95 | 👉 Purchase here

Theodore Payne’s California poppy face mask

California Poppy face mask from Theodore Payne Foundation Store.
(Marie Astrid Gonzalez)

Rollicking orange poppies cover this handsome mask, allowing fans of California native plants to show off their passion while supporting the Theodore Payne Foundation for Wild Flowers and Native Plants, one of the premiere native plant foundations in the state.

$15 | 👉 Purchase here


Theodore Payne’s souvenir seed collection

Souvenir Seed Collection from Theodore Payne Foundation Store.
(Marie Astrid Gonzalez)

Paired with the poppy mask, or all alone, this collection includes seeds for six native wildflowers to create your own riot of blooms with California poppies, Sky Lupine, California goldfields, Lacy Phacelia, Globe Gilia and Lacy Phacelia.

$15 | 👉 Purchase here

‘California Native Plants for the Garden’

California Native Plants for the Garden flashcards
(Marie Astrid Gonzalez)

This beautiful book is a bible in the California native plant world, written by three of the state’s leading experts in California native plants. Buy it from Theodore Payne to help support the foundation.

$30 | 👉 Purchase here


Vgo Goatskin gardening gloves

Colorful Goatskin gardening gloves.
(Noah Kuo)

Goatskin gloves are great because unlike leather gloves they will soften up after they get wet, and they are soft yet durable. These are also pretty and touchscreen compatible!

$17 | 👉 Purchase here

Gardener’s Supply Company Bee Skep watering can

Bee Skep watering can from Gardener's Supply Company.
(Jeff Clarke/Gardener’s Supply Company)

Sunny yellow and functional, this steel watering can is shaped like an old-fashioned bee skep and holds 2.5 quarts of water, a good size for watering plants indoors and cute enough to sit on a counter when not in use.

$30 | 👉 Purchase here


Gorilla Carts Garden dump cart

Garden Dump Cart from Gorilla Carts.
(Gorilla Carts)

Forget tippy wheel barrows that require Herculean strength and balance; these carts carry 600 pounds, maneuver easily and dump things just where you want them.

$99 | 👉 Purchase here

Plow & Hearth One-way-mirror window mount bird feeder

Bird feeder from Plow & Hearth
(Plow & Hearth)

The problem with most bird feeders is that the action is usually far away from the viewer. This feeder brings the birds up close and is especially good for people who can’t easily get into the garden but enjoy watching birds.

$30 | 👉 Purchase here

Peter Pauper Press The Gardener’s Logbook

The Gardener's Logbook from Peter Pauper Press.
(Peter Pauper Press)

This lovely little journal fits in a big pocket and helps gardeners keep track of what they planted, where and how well it grew, because, honest, it’s easy to forget and next spring you’ll care.

$10 | 👉 Purchase here

Fiskars Ergo D-handle steel garden fork

Ergo 47" D-handle Steel Garden Fork from Fiskars.

A sturdy garden fork is a garden necessity, for turning compost piles, fluffing up mulch and mixing amendments into your soil, and this fork’s ergonomic design makes all that work feel pretty easy.

$45 | 👉 Purchase here

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds ‘The Whole Seed Catalog’

The Whole Seed Catalog
(Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds)

This catalog by Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds is a serious dream book for gardeners, with 500 pages of rare and heirloom seeds, beautiful photos and inspirational ideas for garden planning, growing and even cooking.

$10 | 👉 Purchase here

Corona RazorTOOTH folding saw

Folding saw from Corona Tools.

Sometimes clippers aren’t enough to remove old branches or shrubs, and that’s when this handy saw shines. It folds up small enough to fit in your pocket but saws efficiently and easily through large branches and small trunks. Vital for any gardener’s tool collection.

$29 | 👉 Purchase here

Corona eGrip Hoe/Cultivator

eGrip Hoe/Cultivator from Corona.

This two-fer tool is great for raised beds, allowing you to easily hoe out weeds and incorporate amendments into the soil. The cast aluminum tool with its red-and-black handle will look festive peeking out of a stocking.

$9 | 👉 Purchase here

Wilcox All Pro 102S 12” digging trowel

All Pro 102S 12" Digging Trowel from Wilcox.
(Mitch Hermiston/Wilcox All-Pro Tools)

This trowel looks odd, but its shaft-like design makes it more efficient at scooping potting soil or digging in the garden. It’s also nearly impossible to bend, a common problem with hand trowels.

$18 | 👉 Purchase here

Plant Material Flap hat for gardeners

Flap hat for gardeners (protects neck) from Plant Material.
(Plant Material)

Avoid harmful UV rays while gardening in this hat, which will protect your face and neck on the hottest of days.


$45 | 👉Purchase here

Paper Anchor Co. plant keychains

Paper Anchor Co. enamel keychains like pilea plants and more.
(Desiree Perez)

Paper Anchor Co. enamel keychains feature original plant illustrations, including rubber trees, fiddle leaf figs, pilea plants and more.

$16 | 👉 Purchase here

Like Woah DIY plant hanger kit

DIY macrame plant hanger kit from Like Woah.
(Samantha Baron)

Teach yourself how to macrame with this Do It Yourself kit for beginners from Portland-based Likewoah. The provides everything you need to make your own single macramé plant hanger: directions, pre-cut rope, and wooden ring.


$40 | 👉 Purchase here

Gray Green Goods Shibori foldover planter

4" Shibori Indigo Foldover Planter
(Jane Cuthbertson)

This handmade Shibori indigo linen fabric planter from Gray Green Goods fits over a 3 3/4-inch-by-3-inch standard plastic pot and is perfect for succulents or cactus plants you might find at the grocery store or nursery. Made to order, the pot ships two weeks after placement of order. Comes with a plastic saucer inside.

$25 | 👉 Purchase here

Etta & Billie’s hand care kit from Folia Collective

Hand Care Kit (cause plant lovers really need to show their hands some love) from Folia Collection.
(Danae Horst)

The Los Angeles-based Etta & Billie understands that plant lovers really need to show their hands some love. The natural Hand Care Kit includes hand wash, skin balm, and a nail brush. Available at L.A. plant shop Folia Collective, located in Eagle Rock.

$45 | 👉 Purchase here


The Unlikely Florist bouquets

Plants and bouquets delivered from Unlikely Florist.
(Unlikely Florist)

Send a bouquet from the Unlikely Florists’ Spencer Falls, who initially started his business by selling flowers out of his 1980 VW Vanagon on Abbott Kinney Boulevard in Venice.

$50 | 👉 Purchase here

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