Santa Ana : Gann Brings Remapping Campaign to County

Anti-tax activist Paul Gann announced in Santa Ana on Thursday that he is launching a statewide ballot initiative designed to take the task of political redistricting away from the state Legislature and give it to a 12-member, bipartisan commission.

Gann, working with the League of Women Voters on the proposal, said that such a measure is needed to wrest control of the redistricting process from political incumbents and "to see to it that (California) never becomes a dictatorship."

The plan's proponents, who also announced the initiative Thursday in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose and Sacramento, as well as at the Civic Center in Santa Ana, hope to get 800,000 voter signatures to ensure the proposal a place on the ballot in June, 1990.

But the proposal has already drawn fire from some Democrats, who regard it as a Republican scheme to win control of the state Legislature.

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