Films now going into production:

Atame ("Tie Me Up") (El Deseo). Shooting in Madrid. "Women on the Verge's" Pedro Almodovar's new film is evolved from an earlier project dealing with an obsessive love affair that culminates in a kidnaping. Pedro again directs and writes. Producers Augustin and Pedro Almodovar. Stars Victoria Abril and Antonio Bandras. Early '90 release.

Bright Angel (Hemdale). Shooting in Billings, Mont. This film, based on Richard Ford's novel, depicts Dermot Mulroney as a young man attempting to get back in the good graces of his enigmatic father. Sam Shepard is the father. Producers Paige Simpson, Rob MacLean and Sue Baden-Powell. Director Michael Fields. Screenwriter Ford. Also stars Lili Taylor, Valerie Perrine, Bill Pullman and Burt Young.

House Party (New Line). Shooting in L.A. Music acts Kid 'N Play and Full Force unleash their collective R&B; jams in this musical bash. Executive producer Gerald Olson. Producer Warrington Hudlin. Director/screenwriter Reggie Hudlin. December release.

Presumed Innocent (Mirage). Shooting in Detroit, New York and New Jersey. Harrison Ford stars in the Alan J. Pakula-directed screen adaptation of Scott Turow's page-turner. Ford portrays a prosecuting attorney unjustly arrested for the murder of a colleague with whom he was involved. Executive producer Susan Solt. Producers Sydney Pollack and Mark Rosenberg. Also stars Bonnie Bedelia, Paul Winfield and Greta Scacchi. Distributor Warner Bros.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III (New Line). Shooting in Valencia. Leatherface rises again to wreak vicious turmoil among the population at large. Executive producer Robert Shaye. Producer Robert Engelman. Director Jeff Burr. Screenwriter David Schow. Stars Kate Hodge, William Butler and R. A. Mihialoff as the Cleaver. November release.

Without You I'm Nothing (MCEG). Shooting in New York and L.A. Sandra Bernhard commits to film her acclaimed Off-Broadway show delving into relationships and other topics of eccentric interests. Executive producer Nicolas Roeg. Producer Jonathan D. Krane. Director John Boskovich. Screenwriters Bernhard and Boskovich. Cameos by Liza Minnelli, Mary Tyler Moore and others.

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