Tennis Pros Cancel OK of S. Africa Tournaments

From Associated Press

The Assn. of Tennis Professionals, under pressure and citing "moral and practical reasons," voted today to withdraw its approval of tournaments in Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa, which had been granted earlier this year.

The International Olympic Committee executive board, meeting in San Juan, Puerto Rico, adopted a proposal Sunday that would ban any players who have competed in South Africa from future Games.

IOC President Juan Antonio Samaranch also called on the International Tennis Federation to expel South Africa from membership at its annual meeting in Buenos Aires next month. ITF officials announced this summer that they would support the expulsion proposal of one of their charter members in order to keep tennis in the Olympics.

Some African IOC members had complained about tennis' continued ties to Pretoria.

The ATP Tour board, which will begin running the men's professional tour next year, today said it strongly supports the rights of its South African members to play in events around the world and will not penalize players who choose to play in South Africa.

The board also agreed to allow satellite and junior tournaments in South Africa.

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