Diamond Bar : UC Diamond Bar?

The City Council is asking University of California officials to consider building a campus in Diamond Bar.

The council voted unanimously Tuesday for a resolution that supports, in concept, a UC campus in the city. The resolution will be sent to university planners, who are choosing sites for three campuses to meet the burgeoning enrollment of the nine-campus system.

Councilman Gary Werner, author of the resolution, said the San Gabriel and Pomona valleys "seem to have been bypassed by the UC system. We have campuses in Los Angeles, Irvine, and Riverside, but whichever one you choose you have to travel roughly 30 miles at the least."

The UC Board of Regents earlier this year began planning for three additional campuses, and indicated it would probably build one in Northern California, one in the Central Valley, and one in Southern California. Cities and counties throughout the state have flooded the university with letters asking to be considered, and in some cases have offered to donate land for a campus. The university is expected to narrow its list of potential sites to 60 by the end of next month, and to 15 by January, 1990.

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