Culver City : Schools Budget Approved

The Culver City Board of Education on Tuesday approved a $16.5-million budget for the 1989-90 school year. The budget, approved unanimously, provides about $414,000 more in spending than last year’s and leaves about $760,000 in reserve.

Among the largest expenditures are $11.3 million for salaries, including $8 million for teachers, $1.4 million for utilities and operating expenses and about $560,000 for books and supplies.

The budget basically maintains existing programs, said chief financial officer James Lively. Consultant fees and some other administrative expenses were pared down slightly, while a communications specialist for the district was hired and the security at Culver City High School was beefed up, he said.

Most of the district’s revenue comes from the state, with a projected $800,000 from the State Lottery this year.


The budget is based on teachers’ current salaries, even though the district is still negotiating with the Culver City Teachers Assn. on salaries and benefits for the year. If pay increases are negotiated, the district will have to dip into reserves, cut the budget, or both, Lively said. The board went ahead with its approval before the conclusion of contract negotiations because the budget must be submitted to the county by Sept. 15, and “there’s no guarantee” when an agreement will be reached, Lively said.

The board also approved salary increases for the 1989-90 school year for principals, supervisors and various district secretaries. The raises average about 5.5%, said assistant superintendent Ralph Villani. The high school principal will make $66,600 a year, up from $63,225. Elementary school principals will earn $55,488, up from $49,794.