President Signs Bill Launching Collider

From Associated Press

President Bush on Friday signed a 1990 spending bill that will launch the $5-billion super collider research project, an experimental atom smasher to be built in Texas.

The $225-million down payment on the super collider was included in a compromise measure Congress approved to provide $18.6 billion for next year’s federal energy and water programs.

The Energy and Water Development Appropriations Act is the first of 13 appropriations bills for the 1990 fiscal year, which begins Sunday, to reach Bush’s desk.


Most of the 1990 money for the superconducting super collider is for initial construction expenses of what ultimately will be a 53-mile circular underground tunnel about 25 miles south of Dallas. The rest is for research and development.

The facility, expected to take up to seven years to complete, would hurl beams of protons into each other in a search for the basic building blocks of the universe.