Films going into production:

Air America (Carolco). Shooting in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Mel Gibson and Robert Downey Jr. star as unconventional fliers in this action adventure spotlighting the aviation antics at "Air America," the world's most secret airline. Executive producers Mario Kassar and Andrew Vajna. Producer Daniel Melnick. Director Roger Spottiswoode. Screenwriters John Eskow and Richard Rush. Distributor Tri-Star (U.S.), Carolco (foreign). Summer release.

Back Stab (Allegro/Westwind). Shooting in Montreal. James Brolin is a star architect and Meg Foster the lawyer who defends him when he's framed for a homicide that occurs during his architectural firm's acrimonious merger with another company. Executive producer William Webb. Producer Tom Berry. Director Jim Kaufman. Screenwriter Paul Koval. Distributor Westwind/Image.

Convicts (MCEG). Shooting in Louisiana. Robert Duvall, James Earl Jones and Lukas Haas star in Horton Foote's screenplay of a man who runs a plantation on which prisoners toil and the young boy whom he befriends. Producers Sterling VanWagenen and Jonathan D. Krane. Director Peter Masterson.

Rich Girl (Film West). Shooting in L.A. Here are the travails of a wealthy young lady who strives to attain independence from the dictatorial clutches of her father and fiancee, and in doing so, falls in love with another man. Producer Michael London. Director Joel Bender. Screenwriter Robert Fern. Stars Don Michael Paul, Willie Dixon, Julie Hayek, Ron Karabatsos and Bentley Mitchum (Robert's grandkid).

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