No Takers at Gabor's Price for Rolls-Royce

Zsa Zsa Gabor put her notorious Rolls-Royce convertible on the block at a Woodland Hills auction Saturday, but apparently drove too hard a bargain. The highest bid fell $20,000 shy of her minimum $125,000 price.

Appearing at the Warner Center Marriott in a crush of reporters and spectators, Gabor was poised to cash in on the newsworthiness of the white 1980 Corniche, the car she drove during her encounter last June with Beverly Hills Police Officer Paul Kramer.

The auction came three days before Gabor is to appear in Beverly Hills Municipal Court to be sentenced for slapping Kramer and other misdemeanors. But the bids rose no higher than the $105,000 offered by Michael Verdi, owner of a Beverly Hills car dealership. Gabor told auction organizers she would not sell for less than $125,000.

"I'm afraid to drive it in Beverly Hills now," Gabor said. "I'm going to buy American cars from now on. You know the new red Cadillacs? That's what I want. We have one of those in Palm Beach."

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