Making Sex Safe

I see our institutions of higher education have taken on a new role, that of institutes of higher immorality when they invite people like Suzi Landolphi--"She's Bawdy, She's Zany, She's Pushing Safer Sex"--to teach safe sex (by Patrick Mott, Oct. 12).

It is amazing that man is so preoccupied with his plans for making sex safe when God has had a perfect plan in effect for safe sex for 4,000 years. God's plan is for one man to marry one woman and that sex before or outside of marriage is wrong.

And when we talk about man's plan for safe sex, we must not forget the wonderful job that Planned Parenthood has been doing with its sex education programs for the last 20-plus years. Unwanted pregnancies continue to increase, VD is in epidemic proportions and to resolve the unwanted pregnancy we brutally kill the unborn. We have been teaching sex without any moral responsibilities, that "if it feels good, do it" and ignoring the results.


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