‘Politics by Distortion’

Your Opinion piece written by Stanley Meisler (“Politics by Distortion,” Oct. 8) has renewed my faith in others (somewhat) and in myself for having harbored similar thoughts regarding the subject matter Meisler detailed so well.

For far too long (at least the past nine years) the public has been allowing itself to be fooled by our political purveyors of the “divide and conquer” school in regard to poverty, drugs, crime, low educational attainment and homelessness.

These conditions can only be corrected by striking at the root causes of the problems, and not by bread and circuses such as the naming of a “drug czar” (who incidentally was not too successful at his “education czar” position) or the formation of an education summit.

Although neither Meisler nor I professes to have a solution to all these problems, I feel that more could be accomplished once it was admitted that our current course of action is and has been bankrupt and ineffective.


Kudos and plaudits to Meisler for his incisive and provocative article.


Culver City