Mola Development Corp. has decided to meet most of the conditions in Seal Beach’s revised plan for a 15-acre park the company will build for the city, Mola project director Kirk Evans said.

The park would be built adjacent to the wetlands on part of the Hellman Ranch property, where Mola has plans for a 355-unit residential project. Mola is developing the park and is dedicating an additional 50 acres of nearby property to Seal Beach as part of that deal.

The city’s Recreation and Park Commission and Mola were expected to finalize plans for the park last week. But modifications requested by the commission would have cost about $80,000 more than the $1.1 million Mola is obligated to spend on the project, according to the company.


Mola’s agreement with the city included the stipulation that the company would accept changes in the plan as long as they didn’t “drastically increase the cost,” Evans said. Asking Mola to build a $1.9 million park was not fair, he said.

After speculating that Mola’s cost estimates might be inflated, commission members asked for another analysis by Nov. 1.

But since then, Evans said, “We’ve done some rethinking on it. The commission loved our plan; they just didn’t understand the cost ramifications. Instead of having them go through the cost breakdown, we’ve decided if that’s the park they want, we’ll go ahead and do it.”

The park will include tennis, volleyball and basketball courts, a community building and other amenities.

Mola will present its terms to the commission at its meeting Wednesday.