Some Tips for Avoiding Trouble During Halloween

Police in Orange County are urging parents to pay close attention to safety considerations on Halloween tonight.

"Probably the most important element to safety is to make sure an adult accompanies the child," said Maureen Thomas, a spokeswoman for the Santa Ana Police Department.

Authorities offer these other tips:

* Children not accompanied by adults should be told to stay within the neighborhood and to return home by a specific time.

* Children should carry flashlights.

* Costumes should be easy to walk in, and children should wear makeup rather than masks, which can hinder vision.

* Parents should inspect everything their children are given. Any unwrapped food should be thrown away. Parents who see any suspicious candy or other items should call police immediately.

Some hospitals offer free X-rays to detect nails, pins, razor blades or other metallic objects in foods. It should be kept in mind, however, that an X-ray cannot detect poison.

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