Bush-Gorbachev Summit in Malta

The Bush-Gorbachev meeting presents President Bush an ideal opportunity to reaffirm America's non-recognition policy concerning the Soviet occupation of the Baltic states. It is also a chance for America to pursue the corollary of the non-recognition policy, namely, that Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania must have their independence restored.

The December conference should be used by President Bush to pursue a diplomatic solution to the Soviet occupation of the Baltic states, patterned on the Austrian experience, whereby Soviet troops are withdrawn and all of the Baltic states resume their status as neutral, independent nations.

On Aug. 23, 2 million Balts formed a human chain stretching from Vilnius, Lithuania, through Riga, Latvia, to Tallinn, Estonia, in order to demonstrate their desire for independence and their determination to achieve the fundamental rights which America's Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights stand for. It behooves America and President Bush to support their aspirations.


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