Films now going into production:

The Boneyard (Backbone). Shooting in Asheville, N.C. This horror story is propelled by the discovery of three dead Chinese children and the subsequent probe by the county coroner's office into the surrounding mystery. Executive producer Jeffrey Sanfilippo. Producer Richard Brophy. Director/screenwriter James Cummins. Stars Ed Nelson, Deborah Rose, Norman Fell, James Eustermann, Denise Young and Phyllis Diller in a dramatic role. February release.

Broken Spur (Sandpiper). Shooting in Texas and Mexico. Dramatic action adventure of a small Indian boy left orphaned by a gang of outlaws who's befriended by a sympathetic cowboy whose own parents were gunned down by men donning black hats. Executive producer Beverly Wilson. Producers Warren Chaney and Craig Bailey. Director/screenwriter Chaney. Stars Gabriel Folse, Rusty Cox, Kathy Lampkin and Dan Kamien. Fall '90 release.

Kid (Tapestry). Shooting in Tucson. A young man, played by "Soul Man's" C. Thomas Howell, wanders his way back to the desert town he grew up in to tie up a few loose ends. Executive producer J. P. Guerin. Producers Peter Abrams and Robert Levy. Director Mark Robinson. Screenwriter Leslie Bohem. Also stars Sarah Trigger, Dale Dye and Lee Ermey ("Full Metal Jacket").

The Silence of the Lambs (Orion/Strong Heart). Shooting in Washington, D.C., and Pittsburgh. Jodie Foster, Anthony Hopkins and Scott Glenn star in this Jonathan Demme directed thriller. Foster's a promising FBI recruit who enlists the aid of an imprisoned psychopath to track down a bizarre serial murderer and in doing so confronts her own haunted past. Executive producer Gary Goetzman. Producers Edward Saxon, Kenneth Utt and Ron Bozman. Screenwriter Ted Tally. Also stars Ted Levine, Anthony Heald and Chuck Napier.

Solar Crisis (NHK/Gakken/Nippon). Shooting in L.A. Charlton Heston, Peter Boyle and Jack Palance star in this futuristic sci-fier produced by special effects legend Richard Edlund. The story takes place in the mid-21st Century and concerns a multinational adventure whose destination is the sun. Director Richard Sarafian. Screenwriters Joe Gannon and Ted Sarafian. Also stars Tetsuya Bressho.

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