Wrong number: It seems a bit daft,...

Wrong number: It seems a bit daft, but the Gloucestershire, England, phone book lists Queen Elizabeth's daughter, Princess Anne, under H as "HRH Princess Anne, Mrs. Mark Phillips." In fact, it is wrong. The number was gleaned from the princess's letterhead and belongs to her shepherd, Simon Gaskell.

Taking a stand: Actress Kathleen Turner criticized those in her hometown who are campaigning to cancel a play about AIDS. "One should have access to any and all information," Turner said. "To withhold information is tyranny." The play, "The Normal Heart," by New York writer-activist Larry Kramer, opens Wednesday at Southwest Missouri State University in Springfield, which Turner attended.

Turn the other cheek: Martin Luther King III said he loves the Rev. Ralph Abernathy even though Abernathy's autobiography, "And the Walls Came Tumbling Down," discussed Martin Luther King Jr.'s alleged extramarital sex life and, according to his son, treated King unfairly. "I have always been taught to love people and I still love you," King said he told Abernathy recently in Montgomery, Ala.

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