Proposition 103 Still on Hold

Rosenfield brings us up to date on the battle. Perhaps we consumers have allowed the revolution to dwindle to a rebellion.

All the good citizens who drive carefully, carry enough insurance and sigh resignedly when the premium arrives need to remind lawmakers of some economic facts.

First, some prominent economists (James Flanigan, Business section, Aug. 16) write that legal, medical and insurance costs are current leading factors in inflation. Even the Labor Department admits the cost of auto insurance is rising faster than the price of cars.

Second, law, medicine and insurance all get involved in accident fraud. Basically, this is the fault of consumers and a sign of our greedy times.

Third, Californians have got to face the fact that we are tailgated, sideswiped and hit and run over by uninsured drivers. (The uninsured driver law was a joke in terms of enforcing insurance.) Let's get practical with something like everybody, regardless of age, pays a basic insurance fee in order to obtain or renew a driver's license. This fund could be handled by the insurance industry. Drivers with equity in a home/business, etc., would continue additional private coverage, of course.

We need a simple, equitable insurance plan. Perhaps, if every licensed driver feels the pinch, he will be more responsible behind the wheel.



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