Bishop Bars Rite for Killea

Your editorial stated that "Societies in which lawmakers fail to exercise their moral consciences are vile places." I agree with that. And then you say, "But so too are societies in which conscience is nothing more than an expression of sectarian conformity."

In essence you are saying that religion should have no part in the decisions made by our lawmakers. How dare you!

Our country was founded by Christians. The first constitutional form of government ever signed in all history was signed by 41 of America's Pilgrim Fathers. Their laws were molded closely on the Bible. The very spirit of the American Constitution reflects the teachings of Christ.

The fact is that Killea is a member of the Roman Catholic Church. She knows the rules of the church and abortion is considered to be a cardinal sin in the eyes of the Roman hierarchy. If she doesn't like the rules she should find herself another church.



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