NAMES IN THE NEWS : Khashoggi Gets 'Bigger, Better'

From Times Wire Services

Financier Adnan Khashoggi, confined to New York City while under indictment for fraud, is gaining weight, learning to enjoy the city and patiently biding his time, he said in a copyrighted interview published today.

The Saudi Arabian, once considered the world's richest man, told New York Post columnist Cindy Adams, "I do not see this as punishment, but as a pause that forces you to be bigger and better.

"I maintain a positive attitude. Life is a game. It's varying phases. Nothing is permanent."

Khashoggi, 54, posted $10-million bail July 27 so he could live in his luxury Fifth Avenue apartment--complete with pool and gymnasium--while facing charges he helped Imelda and Ferdinand E. Marcos defraud the Philippine treasury.

He insisted he had done nothing wrong, and added: "I do not discuss guilt or innocence. I discuss attitude. One should accept life's cycles. The will of God. If you have a heart attack and the doctor locks you in bed for months what can you do? That's the same as a judge locking you up."

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