P.M. BRIEFING : Profits Soar at Toshiba, NEC

From Times Wire Services

Toshiba and NEC, top Japanese electronics firms, today announced impressive rises in group net profits due mainly to surging global demand for computers.

Toshiba Corp., Japan's second-largest electronics manufacturer, posted a group net profit of $437 million in the six months prior to Sept. 30 against $372 million a year earlier.

NEC Corp., one of the country's biggest computer makers, showed a group net profit of $232 million in the six months, up from $182 million.

"Demand all over the world for computers has been very strong," said a Toshiba spokesman. The company's sales of computers, semiconductors, word processors and other communication systems soared 51% in the six months.

NEC's sales of computers rose 16.5%.

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