TAC Suspends 3 for Substance Abuse

Marathoner Jeff Scuffins, quarter-miler Willie Caldwell and shotputter Tom Huminik were suspended Monday by The Athletics Congress for drug use.

Caldwell, of Colorado Springs, Colo., and Huminik, who attends North Carolina State, each were given two-year suspensions, while Scuffins, of Hagerstown, Md., was suspended for three months. The suspensions were effective immediately.

Scuffins had tested positive for ephedrine, a medicinal stimulant, after finishing sixth in the April 30 New Jersey Waterfront Marathon. Caldwell tested positive at the Dallas Morning News Indoor Games Jan. 14 and Huminik failed a doping test at the Jan. 28 Kodak Invitational at Johnson City, Tenn.

Caldwell and Huminik's penalty was more severe because their substances, which were not disclosed by TAC officials, were much stronger than Scuffins.

The suspensions were made the first day of TAC's annual convention in Washington.

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